Youth Church Army Arrives in East Texas

by Larry Little

When hurricane Rita hit East Texas, many folks were left with damage to their homes.  Some didn't have homeowners insurance to pay for the repairs, but Sunday afternoon a church army arrived in Lufkin to provide helping hands. "We are doing something called United Methodist Action by Youth. It is a week long mission trip high schoolers go on and they spend the whole week working on people's houses," says Laura Hensley.

The group came prepared for the week. They brought their sleeping bags, tools, nails and lots of water. Director John Hensley has been a part of the mission for years but he didn't know he would be coming back to his hometown to help. "It is interesting because I didn't know the camp was going to be here. When I was selected to be a director. It's a special thing now because I have the chance to come back and repay folks because of a lot of the people here were real nice to me and supported me when I was a young person," says Hensley.

The United Methodist Army will spend the week making wheel chair ramps and other repairs to homes in East Texas. Though it is hard labor, they believe the return is worth it.   "It is a blessing, it's one of those things growing up you never think you could be a part of something. This is kind of a way to give back," says Laura Hensley.

The UM Army will repair nearly 70 homes in Angelina county.