U.M. Army Renovates Rita-Damaged Homes

There is an army in Lufkin this week. They are not soldiers in the military, they're with United Methodist Churches in Waco and Houston.

Twenty teams of high school students are doing battle with Rita's damage by using hammers, paintbrushes, and bibles.

The U.M. Army got dozens of referrals from Angelina County for the project. Residents have to be in need of help and they have to own their home.

Kathy Cipriani said, "We get to meet really cool people and it's just so enriching. I'm learning how to do all this cool stuff, like use power tools, build porches, and getting to help people and seeing what I can do. I'm making a difference in the world. How cool is that?"

The U.M. Army will renovate 70 houses during their week-long stay in Lufkin.