First Day On The Job For New Superintendent

Dr Rodney Hutto appears to be a guy who never meets a stranger. In seconds he engages the reporter to the new bilingual teacher in conversation. These people skills will help Hutto with his first order of business. Hutto is still learning people's first names, but will eventually tackle the chain of command.   "Right now we're currently in the process of looking at the organizational chart and looking at the positions and provisions built in. We want to make sure that they work the way we want them to work. We are going to access everything we got first."

He's a man who entered the education field at 36 following a successful 12 years in private business. During twenty years in public education he learned if you don't engage the student, you lose them. Hutto explained, "We've just got to try to make all our instruction meaningful and worthwhile to the child so they become actively engaged because we never want to lose them because of boredom." Hutto supports innovative teaching strategies. He accepts assessment, but is critical of the current state push on TAKS performance.

Hutto endorses the school board's recent decision to handle school transportation. He also supports its decision to please the taxpayer with homestead exemption. He is wanting parents to form a partnership with the district to provide quality education. Hutto's first board meeting is next week.

On a future relationship with the school board, Hutto is confident it will be team of 8. "We all have talked about it. We all have been to training about it.  I don't think it will be an issue at all."

Hutto will earn $170,000 year. Unlike the prior superintendent Hutto will receive no benefits other than health insurance and expenses. Hutto calls his job not a challenge, but rather an opportunity.