The United States of America is a land of immigrants, a 230 year experiment proving that a melding of diverse cultural elements can create a strong, vibrant nation.  But the United States is also a nation of laws.  Our constitution and legal system have been the mortar holding the country together through war and peace, prosperity and recession.

Now a debate is raging over whether the United States as a sovereign nation has the right to control its borders and enforce its immigration laws.  Millions slip across our borders illegally and claim they've done nothing wrong while availing themselves of free health care and free schooling for their children all at taxpayer expense.  Sadly, though, the debate is also whether the United States has the will to enforce its immigration laws.  It seems we have become a nation of enablers.  Many of our large businesses knowingly hire undocumented workers so they can get away with paying low wages.  Other employers choose to ignore the situation with a wink and a nod.

Our elected officials talk about solutions while maneuvering for votes, not willing to come down on one side or the other.  While most of the population probably just don't care.  There are immigration laws on the books already. Why is it necessary to make an illegal act more illegal before something can be done about it?  Millions of people breaking a law does not make that law go away.  Or does it?  It will if we let it.

Illegal immigration could be one of the most serious issues facing our country, growing even more urgent as time goes by with no action taken.  It's time for everyone to wake up, put aside their selfish motives, and demand that we continue to exist as a nation of laws and not a land of mob rule.