Are Teachers Paid Enough?

by Larry Little

Brittany Scott and Stephanie Tracy are education majors at SFA. They are looking forward to becoming public school teachers. They realize by becoming public school teachers, hey are not entering the highest paid profession but they are hoping to fulfill a passion.

"Teaching and children are something I've always been very passionate about. I've definitely had a lot of different aspirations in my life but the more I talked about and volunteered at local schools helping children to read, the more I worked with children, I realized that was something I wanted to do", says Brittany Scott.

"Education has always been a dream of mind. I used to play teacher when I was little. I've never imagined being anything else. Just seeing a child's face when they learn something - there is nothing better than that", says Stephanie Tracy.

Though the education majors have a passion for teaching, they agree teachers need a pay raise.

"I totally support teachers getting higher salaries, pay raises. I think it's a very demanding job that doesn't get the respect or attention it deserves", says Scott.

Under the new education reform bill, East Texas teachers will get a $2000 across the board pay raise and other incentives, but even Governor Perry questions if the amount is enough.

"I think it is a step in the right direction but is it enough? You can never pay a good teacher enough", says Governor Rick Perry.

Even without high salaries, many educators will continue teaching for the love of the profession.  Still, about 37,000 teachers leave the profession every year for higher paying jobs.