Judge Takes Motion Requests Under Advisement

A change of venue and motion to suppress evidence in the Marcia Kelly case will be  reviewed by District Judge Ed Klein.   Kelly is  held in connection with the October alleged murder for hire case of her 32 year old husband, James Kelly.

Kelly's defense attorney Tim James is trying to show that a potential jury pool could be influenced by media coverage. Klein will make his decision on that motion July 31 after jury selection. Interviews of potential jurors will provide additional evidence for his decision.  Copies of news stories done by KTRE and also the Daily Sentinel newspaper concerning the Kelly case and five other defendants involved in the same case were entered into evidence. A total of six witnesses were called to testify.

There's also a motion to suppress evidence concerning a four hour interview of Kelly conducted by a sheriff's detective and Texas Ranger. Klein will listen and read transcripts before making that decision.