Angelina County is Nearing Dangerously Dry Weather Conditions

The weather continues to be dry in East Texas. There is no burn ban for Angelina County right now, but Nacogdoches County residents do have a burn ban in place.

The Texas Forest Service uses what is called the KBDI Index to predict how easily vegetation will burn and how much moisture is in the top eight inches of soil.

Angelina County is at 590 on a scale of zero to 800. Forestry officials project even drier conditions over the next couple weeks.

Fire Marshal Duane Freeman said, "Angelina County will be up in the 6- or 700 range and Nacodgoches County's expected to be in the 7- 800 range, so we are in extremely dry conditions and if we don't get some rainfall over the next couple weeks, ten days, it will be very dangerous conditions."

Remember, if you are going to do any outside burning, never leave your fire unattended.