Politicians Visit East Texas

by Larry Little

You can tell it's an election year this week Governor Rick Perry, one of his opponents Chris Bell, and other candidates paid visits to East Texas.  All are optimistic about this November. "I think it's the best possible year for Democrats. It's a huge change happening in just the past two weeks. The last two weeks have been exciting in the last week is where I've seen the most change," says Barbara Ann Radnofsky.

Barbara Ann Radnofsky is running for U.S. Senate. She realizes it's won't be easy for her or other Democrats to unseat Republican incumbents, but she is hoping Democrats will reach across party lines. "Democrats have to appeal as they are now to Republicans, moderates, independents of all kind. I think there are people of good faith in either party who very much want to see government waste eliminated, see corruption eliminated and see the country get back on the right course," says Radnofsky.

Saturday afternoon at a fundraiser held by the Texas Democratic Women in Nacogdoches. Democrats challenged what they called failed legislation. "I think the key in this election is for the people of Texas to understand the failures of the people who are in charge in Austin now. We need a big turn out of people who realize what's gone wrong," says Democrat Fred Head.

This coming November, voters will decide if Texas is on the right or wrong track.