Teacher Crisis in East Texas

by Larry Little

Dr. Rodney Hutto is the new superintendent at NISD, but his education career began in the classroom as a public school teacher. "I thought I had a lot to teach children, a lot of things I could share with them on how to prepare them for life on how to get them ready for what was coming. I had a dream I wanted to share with other children," says Dr. Hutto.

Dr. Hutto says his dream to educate children kept him in the profession because pay was low.   "It was not the best in the world. It was something you needed to be dedicated to. I considered it more of a service industry than anything else. It is certainly not driven by profit," says Dr. Hutto.

Although Texas teachers will get a $2,000 across the board raise not much has changed from years ago. It's causing a teacher crisis in East Texas and all over the state.

*35% of Texas teachers moonlight to make ends meet. And some of them admit it has a negative impact on their teaching.

*45% of teachers have considered quitting the profession to take higher paying jobs.

Dr. Hutto says this is not a teacher crisis, but an education crisis that needs to be fixed to guarantee every student a quality public education.

"A lot of people don't realize if it were not for teachers we would be having a lot of problems out there. There are two things that are for the success of a child, one of those is the quality of instruction and quality of the teacher in the classroom and the second being parental involvement when you put those two together you have a dynamite combination", says Dr. Hutto.