Polk County Woman Found Murdered in Leggett

People in the tiny town of Leggett are talking about the mysterious murder of one of their own. Last Tuesday, 28 year old KaShundra Wright was found dead off Highway 59 South in Polk County.

Authorities said rumors several dead bodies have been found in the area recently are not true.

Detective Dennis Allen said, "That has been the only body that's been reported to us or as far as any type of missing person or deceased body in that area or Polk County."

A passer-by reportedly found KaShundra Wright's body on a Farm to Market road in Leggett slumped over a guardrail. A high school classmate who works just a mile from the crime scene saw KaShundra about a week before her murder.

Dedra Hamilton said, "We had a guy come in - he was riding his bike - and he asked us if we could call the law. He had found a body down the road from our store. She was a really friendly, loving girl; always outgoing and just never had any problems."

Family and friends went to KaShundra's funeral Monday in Livingston. Instead of showing her body, her family showed a video of her during happier times. KaShundra was a married mother of three who worked as a Certified Nurse's Aide in Polk County.

If you have information about the murder of KaShundra Wright, call the Polk County Sheriff's Office at (936) 327-6810.