Proposed Sex Offender Bill is on the Floor

A proposed bill is expected to toughen laws for convicted sex offenders. If the Senate passes it this week, the bill will create a national database and require sex offenders to register their whereabouts every month in person instead of once a year by mail.

Failure to comply would be a felony. Right now, not registering is only a misdemeanor. States would also be required to share information with other states about their sex offenders.

Lt. David Young said, "The national database would be helpful in that it would give us a central location to go and look and see if a person is a registered sex offender no matter where they're from. We would not change our practice of going out and knocking on [registered sex offenders' doors] in the City of Lufkin and checking on them regularly."

Under the bill, states would get money to put tracking devices on sex offenders and funds would be provided to create a national database of sex offenders.