Woman Charged With Perjury in Murder Trial

What began as another day in court ended up with an eyewitness getting handcuffed for perjury during a murder trial. The witness now faces years behind bars.

When it was time to break for lunch, members of the courtroom weren't sure how to take what had just happened.  Rosie King, the only witness to a murder, was waiting to be transported to jail. She was the only eyewitness in the trial that Prosecutor John Bounty called up to the stand.

Her lie involved critical evidence in the case. The defendant, 64-year-old David Redden, claimed he shot 52-year-old Paul Wheeles in self-defense, after he was sprayed with pepper spray. King told the jury she didn't know pepper spray was involved. She claimed she never left the victim's side. But dash cam video shows her throwing out evidence at the time she was supposed to be with the victim.

When that was revealed, she admitted to lying during testimony.  This is not something that happens often in court.

John Heath, one of the defendant's attorneys, said, "It just doesn't happen. We're not trying to blow it up, but I'm telling you, it's so wrong.  It just shouldn't happen. You saw what the judge did."

King was charged with aggravated perjury, and Judge Campbell Cox ordered that she be arrested.

John Morrison, who is the NAACP president and attends trials frequently, said, "First time I've heard of anything like that, and I sit in a lot of cases in court.  I'm very happy of the outcome."

King was advised by her court appointed attorney Tim James to retract her former testimony because she doesn't remember the events of the day of the shooting. The jury was not in the courtroom during these events.  All they know is King lied on the stand, but don't know what she lied about.

The victim was visiting King at her home, located on Redden's property. If found guilty of perjury, King faces 25 years to life in prison, because she has a prior felony conviction.