The Morality of America On Abortion

Americans in a Pew Research Poll taken earlier this year clearly showed that there are strong beliefs about the morality of some behaviors and little concern for others. Two moral issues that are in the news a lot are abortion and homosexuality. Pew Research clearly shows that Americans are divided on the topics. Fifty percent of those surveyed said homosexuality was morally wrong. On abortion 52% percent thought it was morally wrong.

In Nacogdoches it's a full time job for a woman to present her beliefs on abortion to pregnant women. Most everyday women who are likely pregnant, but would rather not be walk into the doors of Heartbeat Pregnancy Center. Abortion is usually on their minds.   Director Deanna Still said, "Somebody you know has contemplated it or done it." Still understands why people struggle with the morality of abortion.   "Because the law says abortion is legal, morally that makes her decision easier because she thinks if the law says it's Ok, well then it's Ok to abort a baby."

According to state vital statistic records there were 120 Nacogdoches County women who had abortions last year. 116 in Angelina County. In an effort to lower the number of abortions still doesn't hesitate to voice her moral beliefs on the women she meets.   Still candidly states, "We make no apologies for that."

Plastic models illustrating the various of stages of growth are among Heartbeat's persuasive tools.   Another is an ultrasound image up against a picture of the baby as a newborn.

Pew Research found on the question of abortion there's no clear difference between how men and women and young and old view the controversial topic. Still cites another poll taken of one thousand teenagers around the country. Still said, "Two thirds of them believed abortion was morally wrong and if a girl was to engage in sex she needed to step up to the plate and take responsibility." Another tool for still, but clearly not enough to change all minds. Abortion, like homosexuality divide the public almost evenly.