The Morality of America On Premarital Sex

A Pew Research Poll taken earlier this year asked people if they think different behaviors are morally acceptable or wrong.   The poll showed that when it comes to sex between unmarried adults only 35% said it was morally wrong. The behavior tied with gambling and is slightly worse than overeating, but not by much.

There's certainly nothing new about premarital sex, but in this day and age temptation is stronger than ever, but there are young adults who vow to overcome it. Allison Cowee, 18, believes sex should never occur before marriage. Yet she clearly recognizes why so many teens and young adults are lured into sexual behavior. "They see older teens, they see their friends and they see their parents participate in impure relationships and things like that, so it's so much easier for them to justify their action."

The Woden High School graduate's decision to resist sexual pressures didn't label her a goody two shoes. Cowee with confidence said, "I don't have many regrets about high school. I lived it up, but I stayed pure and I didn't compromise any."

But the former class president isn't naive. She knows sexuality is everywhere in today's society. One reason why a course she teaches on the subject to junior high girls doesn't require a lesson on the birds and the bees.    With a smile Cowee shared, "I didn't have to give them the talk or anything else like that." Instead Allison concentrates on leading young girls down what she views as the morally right path.   "It's important to be different and take the path less traveled and the path that honors god ultimately."

'Wild About You' is the curriculum Allison teaches. The magazine looks like an issue of Seventeen, but the content is much different. Girls learn to find their self worth with God rather than boys and relationships. Allison will be put to the test herself this fall as a college student and she's certain that she'll have just as much fun in college as high school without introducing sex before marriage.