East Texans Deal with Heatwave

The sun beamed down on East Texas Wednesday, creating triple digit temperatures again. "It's like 104 degrees probably," says Merla Martinez.

Merla Martinez and her friends spent Wednesday afternoon at Chambers Park in Lufkin, trying to escape the dangerous heat.   Some folks weren't as lucky as Merla. It was a day of work as usual for TxDOT crews in East Texas.

"We do have workers out. They are out maintaining the highways and with these temperatures it makes it pretty difficult," says Kathi White.

Kathi White says being safe in the heat is a part of every morning meeting for TxDOT workers, and it's worked so far.

"We haven't had any problems due to heat exhaustion at this point, but our guys know to take more frequent breaks to keep from getting dehydrated, drink more water, and to wear light clothing along with their safety gear," says White.

Those tips aren't just for TxDOT workers. They are for everyone if you want to avoid taking a trip to the emergency room.