Political Candidate Questions Opponent's Honesty

A state lawmaker is being accused of cheating on his eligibility to represent an East Texas district. State Representative candidate, Jody Anderson, believes his opponent is claiming residency in two towns for his own political gain.

Anderson said after district lines were redrawn in 2002, State Representative Jim McReynolds quickly rented an apartment in Lufkin so he could claim to live there. Redrawing those lines placed McReynolds' home in the Nacogdoches legislative district.

Anderson said McReynolds also claimed a homestead in San Augustine so he could reduce the property tax amount he owes in that county.

Anderson said, "I just don't think it's right for someone to claim a homestead exemption, which implies that that's your home, when that's not where he lives. I claim a homestead exemption also, but that's where I live and I think for most of the voters that claim a homestead exemption on their property taxes, it's gonna be where they actually live."

McReynolds has claimed San Augustine as his homestead for 30 years. He said he's researched the issue and isn't doing anything wrong.

McReynolds said, "What I do see this as, however, is a person that wants to start a race being exceedingly negative and being in the ditch and my question would be simple: if that's where they begin, what kind of rep would they make?'

Anderson said McReynolds is either cheating on his taxes or cheating on his eligibility to represent District 12.