The Morality of Alcohol and Drugs

We take a look at the morality of drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana.   Pew Research Poll respondents were clearly divided on marijuana with 50% saying it's morally wrong. Slightly more, 61% said drinking alcohol to excess was morally wrong.

Teaching our young people about the dangers of these two popular vices doesn't always come easy for some adults. Nacogdoches Safe and Drug Free goes to many efforts to teach people the dangers of alcohol and drugs. The agency's focus is young people. The lessons are awkward for some parents who in the past or continue now to participate the behavior of alcohol and drugs.   Director Terrie Mayfield said, "I think it's a conflict for people, rather they believe it's morally wrong or not, it's hard to tell children don't do this if you've done it yourself." Mayfield is frequently asked by parents how to handle the situation. They ask how can you guide your youngster without sounding hypocritical.   Mayfield suggests, "Decide how much you want to share about your past use. I think that's really important and then only share that much." Parents are advised to stay in control of the conversation and not let it become a talk about you instead of your child.   Mayfield's advice is, "You can just say we're not talking about me, we're talking about you and we're telling you this is not a good thing for you and that's my job to tell you that."

Help can also be obtained from many faith based groups who are instructing young people. On the morality issue of drugs and alcohol Nacogdoches Safe and Drug free limits its opinion.   Mayfield shared, "I think it is morally wrong from the perspective that both issues are illegal. Excessive alcohol use in public or while you're driving a vehicle is illegal. So it's a moral issue from that perspective. Marijuana is illegal and as long as it's illegal it would be a moral issue."

What's interesting is that Americans rank excessive alcohol use as more wrong than marijuana use. Both are popular, but drinking remains to be the favorite vice.