Meth Doesn't Only Cause Health Problems in Users

You can buy all the ingredients you need to make meth for less than 200 bucks. That's why many meth makers make it often and make a lot. And you don't have to use meth to be affected by it. Once the drugs are gone, the chemicals are left behind.

For every pound of meth made in a meth lab, there is five to seven pounds of toxic waste.

Dr. Charles Evans said, "These individuals don't always dispose of their toxic waste the way they should. Some of it goes down the drain, some of it permeates into the drywall, the carpeting, some of it is thrown in the grass in the backyard and makes its way into the water system."

Dr. Evans has treated a lot of patients with drug problems. He said iron poisoning is a common meth-related health issue once iron acetate gets inside the drywall of a home.

Hard drugs - in the long-term - often cause permanent chemical imbalances in the brain, resulting in schizophrenia. Cardiovascular disease and premature heart failure are also problems meth abusers end up with.

"They will stay in the home as long as the dry wall and the carpeting is there. Until all that is changed out, they're not going to go away."

The August Lane home is being thoroughly cleaned and remodeled. All the walls are being repainted and old carpeting taken out of the house. Once the restoration project is finished in a few weeks, experts said it'll be a safe, drug-free home for a new family.

The chemicals used to make meth are irritants to the lungs. They can cause respiratory disease, memory loss, a chronic, persistent dry cough, and other health problems.