Everyone Gets to Vote

Voting in East Texas is a right to every citizen, but it hasn't always been that way.   The Voting Rights Act of 1965 removed discriminating requirements such as poll tax and literacy test, but is there still a need for it? "Since 1965 although there has been improvement, but the studies have clearly shown and scholars in Texas have proven we still have a problem in Texas and the department of justice should continue the voting rights act supervision for this part of the country", says Barbara Radnofsky.

Section 5 of the voting rights act which requires nine states, mostly southern states to get approval before changing voting rules.   It was set to expire in 2007, but the senate voted to extend the act 25 years to guarantee all East Texans have the right to vote, but some lawmakers in the house rejected the act. "It's absolutely wrong we don't try to improve ourselves in the legacy of Abraham Lincoln. In 1865 he talked about the importance of bringing the country together and 100 years later we pass the voting rights act", says Radnofsky.

President Bush is expected to sign the Voting Rights Act later this week.