Annual Drive Keeps East Texans Cool

Some East Texas organizations are partnering to help elderly residents beat the heat. The fifth annual Fan Drive is underway. More than 60 new fans and two new air conditioners have been donated.

Every year, dozens of Americans die from heat exposure. Organizers believe fans and AC units are the first line of defense against these tragedies.

Wendi Molandes, Community Action Outreach, said, "We had a woman that came in; she had previously purchased a fan and got it home and realized that she didn't have enough money to buy her medicine. She only needed a little bit more and she took her fan back to the store and then about three days later, she heard we were giving away fans and so she was able to come in and get one."

Drop-off locations Include WalMart super centers in Lufkin and Nacogdoches, Community Medical Equipment in Lufkin, the KSWP/KAVX studios, and 11 Community Action Outreach offices around the area.