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7/23/2006 - Tyler

Power of Prayer: Kendall Hines

Tyler teenager Kendall Hines is spending this summer as a counselor at Green Acres Baptist Church's day came.  For more than five years the simple act of walking, much less working at a summer camp for years has been just a dream for Kendall. 

Her journey of pain and prayer began  in a seventh grade basketball game when she twisted her ankle. 

"Sports was my life," says Kendall. "I dreamed of getting a soccer scholarship, basketball scholarship and having that pay my way through school."

For two years doctors would treat Kendall with non-invasive treatments.  Rehab, crutches, exercise...but nothing would relieve the pain.

Finally it came time to try surgery.  Instead of getting better, things got much worse.

"It was miserable," remembers Kendall. "I was out of school. I didn't get to have any contacts with any of my friends. I didn't get to play soccer. I remember getting my letter jacket and not being able to wear it.  It was excruciating pain."

"As a dad you want to think, you know Clint, your there for your kids," says Kendall's father Mike Hines.  "Especially your girls. That you can do just about anything and you want them to think that too.  And there were just times when I just didn't have an answer."

That first surgery was followed by another and another and another.  After each surgery Kendall suffered a staff infection in her wound.   By her 10th grade year, that wound literally exploded inside her cast and began to grow.  The once active teenager was force to become homebound.

Her faith became more important than anytime in her life.

"I spent a lot of time by myself,' says Kendall. "My mom or my dad would come home during lunch or during the day. But its lonely. And being in pain and being lonely, its very hard.  I wondered why me? But I remembered a doctor saying why not you. We're God's chosen one. God chooses the people to go through these things and I was chosen to go through this and God hand picked me."

Last summer, just before her senior year, Kendall and her parents consulted doctors at the famed Scott and White Hospital.  They wanted to perform another surgery...this time Kendall said no.

It was a month, Kendall remembers, being alone again ...when years of prayer and faith came down to one verse.

While reading her Bible she came to 2nd Corinthians 12:9 that says, "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness."

"And I remember reading that just, just in awe," says Kendall. "I was weak and God is strong and He helped me through that and I stated that until I fell asleep that night. (Then) I woke up and (my wound) from 6 1/2 centimeters it was the size of a quarter. And from seeing something stay the same size or get bigger, shrink overnight it was God. And I kept thinking how odd. But it was God and He healed me."

The morning after that the wound that for more than a year shown no signs of going away had shrunk again to the size of a dime.

A few months later, one final surgery and for the first time in five years, Kendal was wearing two shoes again, walking with out assistance and getting back to a normal life.

A life and family touched by the Power of Prayer.

"Just trusting that God was in control," says Kendall's mother Jeanne Hines.  "Not understanding, but trusting that..He was going to work things out in His time."

"Because, we truly...this truly is... The efforts of the doctors to do the surgical part and everything else... but the collaborative effort of a lot of people that I don't even know that were praying for her ankle," says Mike Hines.

"But God brought me so much closer to Him. I get to tell people how He healed me. and how His grace is so great. And when you can't see it you can just always trust Him. He is a great God."

Clint Yeatts KLTV 7 News.


**Editor's Note...  During this same time period of Kendall's injury her mother Jeanne Hines was also fighting a battle with breast cancer.  Kendall has now graduated from high school.  In her admission letter to Dallas Baptist University, Kendall shared her testimony of how God had worked in her life.  Based on that D-B-U awarded Kendall a half scholarship.

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