United Way Sets Campaign Goal

Dozens of charitable organizations around East Texas count on the Angelina County United Way. Board members have spent all week figuring out how much money each of those agencies will get next year.

Non-profit groups use United Way funds to operate buy supplies and help less fortunate Angelina County residents. The money will be a little harder to divide this year because of several challenges.

Campaign Chair Yana Ogletree said, "This year, we're seeing a lot of the challenges as a result of Hurricane Rita and Katrina. A lot of the agencies have depleted supplies. Their budgets are not in great shape. They need money because of their two storms. Additionally, we're seeing other agencies come in, talking about the meth problem here in Angelina County and how that's had an impact on their services."

The United Way plans to raise $645,000 for next year. That money will go to 23 Angelina County agencies.