Reserve Deputy and Wife's Condition Updated

by Larry Little

Besides working as a reserve deputy, Ben Curtis works two other jobs to support his wife and three children. He dreams of one day becoming a sheriff's deputy were almost shattered when the reserve deputy and his wife were hit by a drunk driver on highway 21 east, July 22.

Ben and his wife Shannon survived, but suffered serious injuries. It's been a tough week for Ben, Shannon and family members. "He feels really horrible about it. He's worried about my sister and that it happened. He feels guilty even though you can't predict a drunk driver. He's worried about the car, he's worried about the kids, and he's worried about my sister," says Curtis' sister-in-law Charlene Carter. "When I first saw my sister it was heartbreaking because you could tell she was in a lot of pain. Sometimes it's just hard to understand why some things happen, but she's going to be okay. I was relieved to see Ben my brother in law was doing good," says Shannon Curtis' sister, Amanda White.

Thursday doctors moved Shannon and ben from intensive care. Family and friends are excited about their recovery but more excited about all the support from the community. "Anything anyone can do,they've done and we are very very grateful and thankful for that," says White.

A benefit relief fund is set up for the Curtis family at the Regions Bank in downtown Nacogdoches.