Workforce Solutions Waiting on State Funding

Months ago Tim Lackey was unemployed. He went to Workforce Solutions to find a job. "I've got to have a job. I've got to pay my bills, got to pay your bills, got to eat, got to pay your electric bill, so work is what I'm looking for," says Lackey.

Through Workforce Solutions, Tim has been working with the city of Lufkin helping to keep downtown clean. "It's been great. We've been able to do more. We've been able to address more issues downtown with an extra employee. It allows us to address things in a quicker fashion," says Keith Wright.

Tim and other East Texans hired for temporary jobs through Workforce Solutions may not be able to provide the extra help much longer. Workforce Solutions is waiting to receive a portion of 13 million dollars promised from the state. Money needed to keep people like Tim employed.

"It's nerve racking. It really is. You just wonder from day to day, from paycheck to paycheck if you are going to get another paycheck. My main goal is to try and get full time work," says Lackey.

For now Tim will continue cleaning up downtown Lufkin hoping he gets another paycheck.

Workforce Solutions should be notified next week on the amount of funding they will receive.