Keeping Teens Safe on Summer break

Many East Texas students are on summer break, and East Texas authorities are hoping parents can help them by keeping a watchful eye on their teenagers. Weeks ago Ashton Glover, a Sugarland teenager with ties to East Texas, spent a Friday night hanging out with friends. She's no different than teenagers in East Texas. "Teens hanging out and wanting to congregate has been going on in Lufkin for years and years," says Lt. David Young.

The teenager went missing until investigators discovered her body.  Authorities say her murder is the extreme case, but should be a warning to all parents with teenagers. "Parents should know where their kids are, who they are hanging out with, talk to their kids when they come home and see what they been doing," says Young.

Lt. Young, who is also a father, says in a day where there are websites like Myspace, online predators, drugs, and alcohol parents need to be involved. "If parents don't keep an eye on the kids and they don't talk to them when they come in, it leaves it open for them to drink and come in and go to bed," says Young.

Summer break is almost over for East Texas students and authorities are thankful. It's almost been incident free.