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7 On Your Side: Woman Asks For Help With Electric Company

  The cracks in Mary Ellen Holland's home were a sign that serious foundation repair was needed. To start, dirt had to be moved from the back of the home.
  "In order to do that we were told that you can't dig within five feet of live electric wires," says Mary Ellen.
  So she arranged to have her electricity turned off with the expectation that in a couple of days, TXU would turn it back on. 
  "That's when I made a phone call [to TXU] and that's when I found out we weren't going to have electricity for a while," she explains. 
  Mary Ellen says TXU would not activate the electricity until she hired an electrician laid the wires. Even after that was done, she was told, it would be up to two weeks before TXU could turn it on. 
  "And I was so frustrated because I felt that as a consumer they didn't care about me or mine. I was given the run around on the telephone, the man that I spoke to at TXU never once said, 'Well Ms. Holland I'm sorry about this let me see what I can do," says Mary Ellen.
  So she called 7 On Your Side. We exchanged a number of emails with TXU and as a result Mary Ellen got her electricity turned on the same day the wires were laid in the ground. She even received a follow up call from a TXU executive in Dallas. 
  "He was just calling to check on my situation because he had been contacted by a Miss Christine Nelson from Channel 7 so I appreciate you calling for me," exclaims Mary Ellen.
  All the food Mary Ellen had to throw out of her refrigerator and freezer was something that could not be replaced. 
  "You pick up something that was supposed to be frozen spinach and it was nasty," describes Mary. Although this experience has left a bad taste in her mouth, she's just looking forward to enjoying the rest of the summer in the comfort of her air-conditioned home.
  Despite the run around Mary Ellen said she received, TXU said they were glad they were able to help her.

Christine Nelson reporting. cnelson@kltv.com

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