4 B Corporation Wants to Build an Industrial Park

Lufkin city leaders are planning to buy about 150 acres of land. The goal is to build a new industrial park.

The 4 B Economic Development Corporation talked about the $1.2 million acquisition Tuesday at a meeting. The land would be bought with money from the 4 B corporation's budget, but some taxpayers are concerned they'll end up footing the bill for the project.

The land is located off Highway 103 and Loop 287 near the county line. The city would later annex it once it owns the property.

Taxpayer David L. Lamon, "If they went out and did as though the voters thought they were gonna do - seeking prospects for this investment and failed to find any - what makes them think the city is gonna be able to put up this money and make it work?"

Up until a couple years ago, Lufkin had no financial resources to deal with economic development. The city council will vote on the land purchase at a meeting Tuesday night.