Sexually Abused Teen Testified Against Step Mom

A mentally disabled teenage girl said her stepmother forced her to watch pornographic movies and perform sexual acts on her younger sister and brother.

The sexual assault trial for Bennedetha Buckjune continued Wednesday in Lufkin. Buckjune's 15-year-old stepdaughter told jurors she was not allowed to eat, sleep or take baths in hot water. She said she ate dog food and stole cereal because she was hungry.

The girl also told the court her step mom beat her everyday and she had to clean up her own blood that splattered on the walls and furniture.

Jurors and child advocates in the courtroom cried when she testified Buckjune stepped on her throat to make her throw up a Hot Pocket she had taken from the refrigerator.

The girl prosecutors said was most severely beaten by Bennedetha Buckjune told the jury she had to sexually touch her stepmother, her little brother, and her sister.

She also testified Buckjune beat her almost everyday with various objects, used sex toys on her, and rammed her head into a bathroom wall before trying to drown her in a bathtub.

The girl also talked about the night she threw up and passed out after her step mom made her drink three cups of hard liquor.

Buckjune shook her head in disbelief when listening to her stepdaughter's allegations of child abuse and neglect, but a woman who lived near the Buckjunes and even became a close friend of the family said Buckjune also abused her son. Glenda Tyler-Franklin's son is expected to testify against her.

"She did things to my son," said Franklin. "She had my son pretending as if he was having sex with her children; making her children do oral sex to my son."

Tyler-Franklin said she often fed Buckjune's step kids because they didn't get to eat at home. She believes Buckjune should get the stiffest punishment possible.

"When she and I was good friends, she pretended to be like the good mother," said Buckjune. "I knew she was like a good mother to her children, but it was a big difference in the stepchildren. She would beat them, not feed them, then they would come to my house and eat and then she would send one of her children over there to see if they were in my house eating."

Buckjune's stepdaughters are now in foster care. Both girls appear healthier than they were a year ago. Buckjune's three biological children are living in a separate foster home.

Buckjune's husband, Joshua Buckjune, is in jail charged with aggravated sexual assault of a child and injury to a child by omission.

Testimony continues Thursday.