Assistant Fire Chief Calls it Quits

A man who helped the Lufkin Fire Department become among the best in the state is calling it quits.

Assistant Fire Chief Murry Brown is retiring after 34 years with the City of Lufkin.

Brown helped bring paramedics to the department and watched several new programs unfold. During his career, he's seen the start of an inspection program and pre-fire planning.

Murry said Lufkin firefighters were not very well trained in life-saving techniques, but now, it's a new department.

Brown said, "I was instrumental in our first hazardous material team and I actually purchased the first hazardous material truck we still have today. It's just an old bread truck that we converted into a hazardous material truck, but it works great. It's exactly like what Houston uses, except smaller."

Murry's friends and colleagues presented him with a very nice retirement gift at a reception Wednesday in his honor.