Heat Brings High Electric Bills

The sun is beaming down on East Texas, creating dangerous temperatures. Some folks are using their air conditioners a lot to stay cool, but many East Texans are shocked when they get a bill in the mail they can't pay.   Lorealia Kyle is a single senior citizen. Social security is her only income, so she's been trying to regulate the thermostat, but when she received her electric bill, "I liked to passed out. It was so high I couldn't believe it," says Kyle.

Kyle is like many East Texans who are having to choose between food and electricity. The Lufkin Salvation Army is seeing an influx of people looking for help. "The need is greater than it's ever been before and it's hard on those on those fixed incomes", says Renae Wilson.

The need has been so great this summer the Salvation Army is having to turn people away. Lorealia Kyle hasn't been able to get assistance paying her bill, so she will spend the summer making sacrifices. "You just have to cut down on other things. I have it paid through the bank and by the time you take it out, you don't have much for groceries, gas, and other things that I need," says Kyle.

The Salvation Army is referring people they can't help to other agencies.