Restaurant Report - Nacogdoches - 08/03/06

Union Cafe got ten demerits for storing tuna, chicken salad, eggs, milk, and fish at the wrong temperature, expired buttermilk, and no towels at the hand wash facilities.

Kroger Deli got seven demerits for storing ham, turkey, cole slaw, potato salad, corn, and chicken at the wrong temperature. The deli was also cited for expired potato salad.

La Michoacana Deli cleaned up its act and dropped from 41 demerits to 17 demerits. The restaurant was cited for storing eggs and meat at the wrong temperature.

The health inspector also found expired cartons of eggs and food stored on the freezer floor. There was also no expiration date on meat and hand towels were needed at the hand sink.

Congratulations to Shelley's Bakery, Shipley Donuts on North Street, and McDonald's on North Street for getting a perfect score of zero demerits.