Morning-After Pill Causing Controversy

Amber Reppond has four biological children and three step children. "It's never a boring. We have lots of kids. It's always something going on," says Amber Reppond.

Amber says her children are the most important part of her life, so it upsets her the FDA is considering selling an over the counter 'morning-after pill' in East Texas to prevent the birth of a child.   "I don't believe in abortion that would kind of be the same thing. I would think, in my opinion. I'm really not for it because it is pretty much the same thing," says Reppond.

The possibility the 'morning-after pill' could be sold on East Texas store shelves is causing a lot of controversy and some East Texans are starting to form opinions. "I think the morning after pill will be a great thing, because mistakes do happen and people do things that aren't expected," says Decourtney Morgan.

"In some situations it's good and in some it's not, so I'm 50/50 on the morning-after pill", says Nathaniel Foster.

Advocates for the 'morning-after pill' believe it can be useful to prevent pregnancies in rape cases, but amber is sticking to her beliefs. "Personally if it were my daughter, I wouldn't want her to have it. If the baby was there I feel like God put it there for a reason, but I wouldn't down anybody for what they had to do," says Reppond.

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