Cutting Edge Hospital Equipment

News Release:

Woodland Heights Medical Center continues to offer East Texans cutting-edge technology in health care. The hospital today announced the installation of a state-of-the-art multi-slice Computed Tomography (CT) scanner to its facility. This is the first 64-slice CT available in Lufkin.

The hospital's new Brilliance CT scanner from Philips Medical Systems features advanced technology that produces split-second high quality images, permitting doctors to see more anatomical detail in a fraction of the time needed for other tests. With this new CT scanner, Woodland Heights' physicians will be able to more effectively detect and treat a range of life threatening illnesses including cardiovascular disease, the nation's leading killer. The possibility of discovering heart and vascular disease in an early stage, before the onset of serious symptoms, will help doctors recommend the most effective treatment options and lifestyle changes to reduce risk and perhaps save lives.

The new technology's leap in acquisition speed makes advanced applications such as cardiovascular imaging and whole body CT angiography (CTA) routine. According to Woodland Height's Chief Radiologist, Dr. Bill Kent, "We can obtain whole heart examinations in just seconds. With the speed and specialized software of this new scanner, we can now overcome the challenges that prevented us from being able to offer such definitive and non-surgical cardiovascular exams in the past."

Patients needing a CT scan will discover that Woodland Heights' new scanner offers a much more pleasant experience. Having your heart and coronary arteries evaluated using a CT scanner may reduce the need for more invasive testing. With faster scan times patients will usually be asked to carry out one brief breath hold during each scan.

"Older patients and those with breathing difficulties or some other distress will really appreciate the shorter exams," says Dr. Kent. "We'll have them in and out much faster, and their doctors will be able to access detailed, definitive results in a short time."

Another advantage the hospital anticipates is the ability to provide more large patients with a CT scan option. The new Brilliance scanner has a table weight capacity of up to 440 lbs.

"In the past, being able to handle some larger patients was sometimes a challenge, because most equipment simply can't accommodate them," says Dr. Kent. "With the Brilliance CT, we can handle the additional body weight, and those patients will be able to benefit from this great diagnostic technology as well."

A CT scan produces a cross-sectional image of the human anatomy, which helps the clinician to rule out or confirm the presence of certain disease, and in some cases to evaluate the extent of injuries to a trauma patient, such as someone involved in an automobile accident. During the non-surgical test, the patient is placed on a table and moved incrementally through the squared off donut-shaped scanner while an X-ray beam is projected through cross sections of their anatomy. The X-ray energy passes through the patient and is recorded on electronic detectors in the scanner. This information is then sent to a specialized computer that reconstructs the information into individual slices and combines them sequentially into a comprehensive volume image of the entire area scanned. The thinner the slices, the more revealing the detail is in the resulting images, and the more definitive the exam results.

About Woodland Heights Medical Center

Established in 1918, Woodland Heights Medical Center was Lufkin's first hospital. Now, almost nine decades later, Woodland Heights is recognized throughout Deep East Texas as the leading provider of high quality, innovative health care services. In 2006, Woodland Heights Medical Center was named a Distinguished Hospital for clinical excellence-ranking in the nation's top 5% for clinical care. * Recognized for its continued excellence in cardiac care, Woodland Heights is a five star rated hospital for the treatment of heart failure. * Additionally, Woodland Heights is ranked in the nation's top five percent for pulmonary and gastrointestinal care. * Accommodating a wide range of clinical specialties, Woodland Heights has achieved excellence in other key medical and surgical areas including neurology, orthopedic surgery, physical medicine/rehabilitation, vascular surgery and obstetrics and gynecology. Woodland Heights also offers a full range of outpatient diagnostic services including advanced imaging, laboratory, outpatient surgery and emergency services. Through its Rehabilitation Center, Woodland Heights offers cardiac rehabilitation, stroke recovery and physical and occupational rehabilitation. Combining modern facilities, leading technology, an exceptional staff and a commitment to the communities it serves, Woodland Heights Medical Center remains at the forefront of quality health care in Deep East Texas.