Ceiling Partially Collapses on Disabled Little Boy

Sharon Robertson and her two boys moved to the Lotus Lane apartments almost four years ago. Her two-year-old is disabled and has several health issues, including asthma and heart problems. Things only got worse Monday. Robertson's sons were playing in the kitchen when part of a ceiling in the home collapsed hitting him in the head.

"All of a sudden the roof just came down and hit him on the head, and the other one ran out of the kitchen and I went to get him; he was screaming and crying and he has a bruise on his head, and I went and called the maintenance," Robertson said.

Robertson said she first complained to apartment management about the sagging ceiling a year ago, but maintenance never fixed it. Those owners are now gone and the new owners said they haven't gotten any complaints from Robertson since taking over three weeks ago.

Donna Green, owner of Lufkin Property Management, said, "As far as previous [complaints], I would not really have any history except to go back through maybe some maintenance logs and see if the lady had requested [repairs]. I have no reason to believe that she didn't, maybe it just wasn't taken care of."

Green said the previous management company did not keep good records and Robertson's initial complaint may not have been documented. As soon as the ceiling collapsed Monday, maintenance workers started repairing it.

Robertson knows things could have been much worse, and is grateful her son seems is all right. She took her son to the hospital for a head X-ray. Doctors expect him to be okay.