No Vaccination, No School

by Jessica Cervantez

School is starting around East Texas. That means it is time to make sure kids are up to date with their vaccinations.  If they are not, they might not be able to enroll in school.

The Angelina County and Cities Health District is already being bombarded with parents. They are trying to get last minute vaccinations for their kids just in time for school.

Sarah Adams, the immunization manager, said, "A lot of the school districts will not allow children to attend who are not fully vaccinated.  I know that LISD will be starting school August 14th and you have to have all of your vaccinations in order to register and in order to get your schedules."

Lufkin High School has been giving out shots as students register this year, and the numbers are looking good so far. Students just beginning school have a lot of immunizations they must get, and many parents know how important it is to get those shots.

Chris Price, a parent, said, "I want to make sure she grows up as healthy as possible and that she has the best future that she can have.  If she doesn't get vaccinated she might get some kind of illness or disease that will prevent her from achieving all that she can, so it is really important to me, because as a father I want her to have it better than I did."

At the health district shots are $10 per child no matter how many shots they need.  Angelina County and Cities Health District employees say if you have not received your shots, now is the time to come because as it gets closer to school, the longer the waits become.

For a typical 5-year-old they should have the following shots:

3 Hep B shots
5 D-Taps
4 IPus
4 Hibs
1 Varicella
TB Tests