East Texas Students Can Get Free Eye Exams

On average, every 11 minutes someone in the U.S. goes blind. And one in every 20 pre-school children has an eye problem that can lead to permanent blindness if uncorrected.

Tuesday, dozens of East Texas kids and adults got free vision tests to keep that from happening. Every year, Prevent Blindness America provides free screenings and eyeglasses for kids whose parents cannot afford them.

Angie Roper, program director for Prevent Blindness Texas, said, "If we do find that the child is referred to an eye doctor, we will follow up with the parent and - it's based on an income basis - we have programs that would provide them with assistance for eye exams and eyeglasses."

More than a million Americans are legally blind, but half of all blindness can be prevented. Prevent Blindness Texas offers programs all year long for children and adults.

For more information, go to www.preventblindness.org.