Nursing Home Facility Rankings

Maxine Mangrum recently had a full knee replacement. Now, she is recovering at the Woodland Height's Skilled Unit in Lufkin.

Mangrum said, "They do care and they push you hard, and to know that they are doing it for your benefit."

The hospital is ranked on a new consumer reports list, along with nursing homes. That is because the skilled unit is a facility for long-term recovery, and follows the same guidelines as a nursing home.

Christie Pope, the nurse director for the skilled unit, said, "We're the only based skilled unit in this area.  Most of the skilled units are in our long term nursing homes, but we are in the same guidelines whether we are here or there."

Woodland Heights made the list as a facility you should "consider". Website rankings can be helpful, but experts advise visiting several nursing homes before choosing one for care.

Jamie Fountain, an admissions coordinator for a local nursing home, said, "Some Lufkin doctors will come here to the residents instead of them having to leave.  You should also check on pharmacies, and check to see payment options, if they accept Medicare and Medicaid."

Families pick nursing facilities for different reasons. Even the smell of a nursing home when you walk in the door can have a major impact.

Patsy Angers, whose father is in a nursing home, said, "I like the fact that everybody here is really pleasant, you're always greeted with a smile, and the nurses here don't only care about the patient, but their families."

Remember, no matter which nursing home you choose, you should always do your research so you can pick the best facility possible for your loved one.

Henderson Memorial hospital also made the list to "consider."  The Paris Skilled Nursing Facility in Paris, Texas also made the list.  The Country Inn Healthcare Center in Van made the list to "avoid."