Odor at Lufkin Middle School Causing Concern

by Larry Little

Derrick Brown became concerned for his son's safety when he paid a visit to the Lufkin Middle School. "I went to register my son at the middle school on yesterday and walking through the building we got to the cafeteria. We walked though the door and I smelled what to me smelled like natural gas," says Derrick Brown.

Brown says he immediately contacted the school's maintenance department. "He said we have been dealing with that pretty much all summer and I said what is it? He said, "smells like gas, but the gas people have been out here and they can't find anything," says Brown.

School officials confirm gas technicians came to check for a leak at least 4 times in the past few weeks after other complaints. Wednesday afternoon Lufkin firefighters were back at the middle school trying to figure out this mystery.

"I don't think there is any gas leakage at this point. I believe between ourselves and the gas company, we certainly would have found it. I do think there is something there, some odor," says Lufkin Fire Chief, Pete Prewitt.

Nobody knows for sure what is causing the odor, so the fire department will be back at the school Thursday morning investigating. "What I want to emphasize is at this point we do not have a problem with the school as far as safety is concern," says Chief Prewitt.