Governor Perry Comments On State Security

Governor Rick Perry swayed from his prepared speech set for the Lone Star Legislative Summit that began Thursday afternoon on the campus of Stephen F. Austin State University. He momentarily set aside his prepared notes on education and immigration to talk seriously about homeland security following the foiled terrorist plot.

Perry said, "Once again we're reminded that the events of 9/11 shouldn't fade from our collective memories. Here's what we got to remember. We continue to battle with a very persistent enemy whose goal is to destroy our way of life." Perry shared that hours before arriving in Nacogdoches he participated in a conference call with airport security that represented about 30 Texas airports. "I had a personal phone call with the president of Continental Airlines and the vice president of American Airlines. I remain in close contact with the Department of Homeland Security in Washington D.C., the governor said.

Perry wanted to assure his audience of mostly local leaders and educations that Texans safety is his top priority. "I want you to know that Texas state government is doing everything it can to make sure these threats are not only taken very seriously, but the numerous precautions that we put in place to protect us from evils out there, some seen, others not so easily seen," Perry said.

When asked in a press conference if he thought the extreme restrictions on travelers will continue or is temporary Perry answered, "My instinct on this that yes, this will create longer lines. It will inconvenience us. It will probably cost us more money which is exactly what they want to do. I think again, it is a very powerful reason that we cannot just turn our backs on this."

"We face a persistent enemy that will continue the effort to destroy our way of life. That means all Texans must be vigilant and all Texans can know that the state government is taking these threats very seriously and taking numerous precautions - some seen, and others not - to keep them safe."