Odor Concerns at Middle School Addressed

Parents flooded the Lufkin ISD phone lines this week after becoming concerned about a strange odor at the Lufkin Middle School.    "After several weeks, we have finally determined, the cause of the smell and it's an awful smell, is a solvent we used this summer in stripping the floors in our cafeteria," says LISD Superintendent Roy Knight.

Superintendent Knight says because the middle school's air conditioning units have been off, the odor of a petroleum based solvent still lingers. The school district is taking the concerns about the smell seriously. "Our city officials have done microscopic quality air testing for carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfate and we've shown no toxic gases for children whatsoever. In the meantime, we have put an odorant in that will color the smell," says Knight.

Days ago you could smell the strange odor from outside.  Friday afternoon I went inside the cafeteria to investigate. There is still a hint of a strange odor in the Lufkin Middle School cafeteria, but for the most part the odor was gone.

If any parents want to make sure the situation is under control, Superintendent Knight invites parents to come by the school to have lunch on the first week of school.