Drive Slowly Through School Zone

As school begins, traffic is heavy around school zones.  School crossing guards have already had some close calls, because drivers are not paying close enough attention.

Everyday when the bell rings at 3:00 p.m. students are rushing to leave the Lufkin Middle School campus, and parents are waiting to pick them up. Right before school begins in the morning and right after classes let out in the afternoon are the two most dangerous times when it comes to school zones and traffic accidents.

Crossing guards want drivers to pay attention.

Lauryn McClelland, a school crossing guard, said, "We want them to pay attention to us and come to a complete stop, until we get to the sidewalk before they proceed."

Crossing guards say they have had lots of close call throughout the years.

McClelland said, "We've had some close calls, with drivers going fast, not obeying the 30 mph speed limit.  They are just distracted with other things."

You should also make sure your children know how to cross the street properly. Be certain they always stop at the curb and look both ways. And, don't let young children cross the street alone.

Virginia Nash, another crossing guard, said, "The seventh and eighth graders are used to us as far as our commands, but the sixth graders might have a problem.  They need to at all times keep their eyes on us."

According to police, most crashes involving young children occur between 3:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m., so while you should always be careful when driving take extra precautions when driving through a school zone.

If you get a ticket in a school zone, you will have to pay at least $25 more.