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08/14/06 - East Texas

Teens Buying Alcohol Online

by Jessica Cervantez

According to a study, millions of children admit they buy alcohol online or they know someone underage who does.

They have the alcohol delivered and many do not get checked for their ID. Alcohol Safe and Drug-free advocates are concerned about the lack of monitoring alcohol selling web sites to enforce underage drinking laws online.

According to an audit of alcohol enforcement officials, 30-states have not conducted any online alcohol compliance checks.

Janet Taylor, of the Coalition for a Better Community, said, "There is no way to verify that those children are 21, other than clicking a box.  The delivery companies do not check ID's they usually put it at the front door or hand it to whomever."

A survey shows that 12% of teenagers know underage friends who buy alcohol online, and 9%percent themselves have visited a web site that sells alcohol.
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