Do Chiropractors Go To Chiropractors?

Patients sometimes ask, “Who does your spine?”  “Who adjusts you?”  “Do you have a chiropractor?”
The answer is simple: “Of course!”
Why do chiropractors go to chiropractors?  To keep our spines free of health-damaging subluxations before our health deteriorates to the point that symptoms occur.  For the same reason we suggest you come in and bring your family.   Along with the chiropractor, everyone who works in our office gets his or her spines checked regularly to stay healthy so we may live life at its optimum.  That includes our family and friends as well (what kind of a friend would we be if we didn’t adjust our friends’ spines?)
So, if it’s been awhile, come in for a checkup.  You’ll be glad you did.  And bring the kids. Spinal health care is like good nutrition – everyone needs it.