Wrecker Crashes Into Parks and Wildlife Building

When parks and wildlife workers in Lufkin got to work Thursday morning, they found something unexpected inside their building. A tow truck had crashed into the facility on Atkinson Drive.

The bed of the wrecker went through a front wall sending brick and glass flying. No one was inside the truck when it happened. The building was also empty during the accident.

Parks and wildlife employees spent the rest of the day temporarily relocating to the federal building in downtown Lufkin.

Shawn Phillips of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department said, "All we know is the wrecker was parked across the road at Diesel Diagnostics and evidently just rolled down the hill across the highway and ended up [inside the building]."

The department expects to be back up and running again in a couple days. If you need to do business with Texas Parks and Wildlife before then, you may contact the Rusk location.