Small Business Owners Get Big Electric Bill

By Larry Little

Achilles Hodge may be enjoying the summer heat, but as a small business owner, he's feeling the effects of this hot summer when he receives an electric bill. "Constantly running your electricity 5 or 6 days a week, going 7 or 8 hours a day.   When those bills come, you really don't want to open them, but you know you have to because it's part of business," says Hodge.

Like Hodge, many other small business owners in East Texas say high electric bills are hurting their business and they are having to make adjustments.

"That means I have to work a little harder," says Martha Holman. Holman has been in business 11 years. She can't remember electric bills being so high. She's ready for summer to end.

For now these small business owners will make cuts in other areas to keep their doors open for customers. "I know I have to have electricity to work and have my place cool for my customers if I plan to be in business," says Holman.

Electric providers are urging customers to expect large bills because August is the peak of the summer months.