Parking in the Wrong Place?

by Larry Little

No matter where you go in East Texas, you'll see reserved parking for the handicap. Some us have even parked in these reserved parking spots for the handicap. Many of us have done so illegally. Parking in one of these spots carries a big fine, but it hurts those who really need the reserve spaces.

Patricia Smart suffered serious burns in that gas explosion and lost all of her fingers on both hands, but she doesn't consider herself handicapped. "There are things that I can't do, but I try not think of myself as disabled or handicap and try to do whatever I can," says Patricia Smart.

She says her faith has helped her. "The Lord Jesus Christ helps me get from day to day," says Smart.

Though Patricia has disabilities, she's never applied for handicap parking keeping those who may need it in mind. "If I don't need, someone else may need it more than me," says Smart.

It should be a lesson to all of us when we think of illegally parking in the reserved area for the disabled.

Illegally parking in a handicap reserved area could cost you $200 or more dollars.