Fire Destroys Acres of Pine Trees

Monday's out of control woods fire near Moffett is the reason firefighters want residents to stop relying on county burn bans to decide whether they should burn. County officials restrict outside burning when drought conditions are at their worst, but East Texans should use good judgement when a burn ban is not in place.

Monday's fire in the McKindree Community started in a pasture off FM 842 and quickly spread to 31 acres of pines owned by Kenneth Brashear.

The flames destroyed almost a dozen acres of land, but most of the fire was out before it could reach nearby homes and livestock.

Brashear said, "I hope they get it out, because if they don't, it's just going to go all the way over there to Wilkerson Road. They got pine trees all the way over."

Volunteer firefighters from Moffett and Fuller Springs rushed to the scene. The Texas Forestry service also helped control the blaze.

Moffett Volunteer Firefighter Ricky Barley said, "[Residents] need to take the initiative to realize that we hadn't had any rain. It is a real high fire danger and they do not need to burn until we get some rain."

The fire destroyed ten to 15 acres of land in the Twin Oaks Development. No one got hurt and no homes were damaged.