Soldiers Having Tough Time Finding Jobs

CJ McDaniel, a 24-year-old Lufkin Native, has served in the military for six years. He spent the last two years in Iraq and came home in December.  He says he is having a difficult time finding a job.

McDaniel said, "It is kind of hard, because you call places, especially if it is in a specialty area, you call a place that you know has that job and they just don't have any openings."

McDaniel specializes in graphic design. He never imagined his job search would be so tough. He tries to stay positive. And he is thankful the Work Force Solutions office in Lufkin has a representative to help veterans find jobs. That person, is Samuel Gardner.

Gardner said, "I am more-less getting veterans into the system.  I do job searches, whatever type of benefits to get them into the working environments in their community."

Gardner calls himself a "die-hard military soldier," who served for 23-years. This is only his sixth day on the job, but he is already been busy.  Twenty-six job hunting veterans have come through the doors this month. So far, only about five of them have found jobs.

But, the hope is, to eventually find employment for everyone who is looking.

McDaniel has two job interviews this week.