24/7 Alert To Be Discontinued September 1st

The application you are viewing, 24/7 Alert, has been replaced by our new KTRE 9 :Live Online desktop application. 24/7 Alert will be discontinued on September 1, 2006. You will need to uninstall it from your computer before that date. We invite you to try KTRE 9 :Live Online, a FREE program for your desktop.

KTRE 9 :Live Online features 12 content areas, including Live Doppler 9 Radar - Your Umbrella of Protection (as well as other regional and national radars and satellites); severe weather alerts; area forecasts;  local, national, and international news; nationwide flight delay information;  localized forecasts for all area schools, over 50 golf courses, and a host of outdoor recreation sites throughout East Texas; and a comprehenseive hurricane center.

KTRE 9 :Live Online is a perfect companion to your Live Doppler 9 Personal Forecast. It's also the only place you will see KTRE's 24/7 Weather channel unless you have a digital television!

For a more comprehensive overview of the new application, click here.

KTRE 9 :Live Online - news and weather, always on.