East Texas Authorities are Trying to Solve a Murder Mystery

Emmett Vaughan, Jr. was stabbed to death near his home in Trinity back in June. Two months later, his murder remains unsolved. Trinity police aren't saying much about the investigation and Vaughan's friends and family want to know why.

Bussie Moring, Vaughan's aunt, said, "If I was able, I'd go up there to the office where they [are] and ask them what they done about that."

Vaughan's aunt lived just a few feet away from where he was murdered. She remembers him as a nice man even though he'd been in trouble with the law before. Investigators believe his criminal past had something to do with his death.

Trinity Police Chief Lynn Gentry said, "We have handled Mr. Vaughan in the past, not for anything really serious, but he has been in our jail before. [After he was stabbed, he went to]the next door neighbor's house. His next door neighbor [called 911] and advised us that Mr. Vaughan was at his residence and he was needing medical assistance."

Vaughan's neighbors all seemed to have different opinions about him. One woman told the East Texas News he was a good guy who they'll miss. Another neighbor said Vaughan was shady and mistreated women.

"He was a good child is all I know," Moring said. "He's my nephew, so all I know [is] he was good and kind. He worked and did the best he could."

Investigators said they're still getting new information almost everyday about Emmett Vaughan Jr.'s death. They're hoping the latest leads they've received will help them solve this murder mystery.

If you have any information about Vaughan's death, call the Trinity Police Department at (936) 594-2505.